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Infinity the game – June 2017 miniature releases

Another month, another set of minis from Corvus Belli (CB) for Infinity the game! I am Simon, the community leader for the Infinity community at Bag of Holding on a Tuesday evening, and I am here to chat through my thoughts on the toys, new and old, being released in June.

As is the theme with CB at the moment, this month is a mix of repacked old and new minis. I know many players find the repacks frustrating but they’re a necessary evil to keep the volume of products CB offer to retailers to a “sensible” level as well as retain the sanity of the CB team! So, let’s start with the repacks first…

…but before we do, a couple of quick notes, these unit summaries and thoughts are written with a degree of assumed knowledge. There will be blogs coming with the basics of Infinity discussed, but for the release blogs, if you don’t know the system, then look at the amazing minis, read the text as me saying “it’s really cool” and then come see us on a Tuesday evening for a demo at Bag of Holding!


Zeros (repack):

Faction(s): Nomads (vanilla), Nomads (Bakunin)
Loadouts on model(s): 1 x Combi rifle, 1 x Hacker

Highlights: CH camo, Infiltration, WIP 13, most have mines

Notes: Zeros are a cheap camo option for both vanilla and Bakunin Nomad armies. They offer a wide range of loadouts including a 0 SWC Killer Hacking Device (KHD), Assault Hacker, Forward Observer, repeater and Minelayer options starting from 18 points.

As with most skirmish units, the Zero isn’t tough and relies on good positioning and camo over armour, so don’t expect these little guys to weather a barrage of fire. As ever, though, a well-timed surprise shot from camo on a well-chosen target can be devastating.


Ninjas (repack):

Faction(s): Yu Jing (vanilla), Yu Jing (Japanese Sectorial Army), Yu Jing (Imperial Service)
Loadouts on models: Multi-sniper, hacker

Highlights: Infiltrating TO camo specialist close-combat death machines!

Notes: Like the Zero, the Ninjas are not tough and do rely on their TO camo to pull them through. The infiltration feature is very useful for getting your hacker up field or the sniper into a nest to assassinate your enemies from.

Ninjas are quite expensive by comparison to some other units, but that is linked to their monstrous capabilities in close combat, with CC 23, they can’t miss, then add in Martial Arts skills to make them even more horrible plus their AP, DA or Shock close combat weapon and you have a nasty piece of work! They do lack specialist loadouts, aside from assault and killer hackers, so there isn’t a huge amount of mission winning options, but then the Ninja is more about sneaky death than healing the wounded!


Aleph Steel Phalanx 300pt army:

Faction(s): Aleph (vanilla), Aleph (Steel Phalanx)
Loadouts on models: Lots!

Highlights: An army in a box! This 300pt army has everything you need to get started with crazy Greek robots!
Notes: This is a great starting point for anyone wanting to run a Greek army for Aleph, the box includes:

Ajax the Great Myrmidon Officer
Phoenix Veteran Myrmidon Officer
4 x Myrmidons
1 x Myrmidon Spitfire
Agema Multi sniper
Myrmidon Officer
Penthesilea Amazon Warrioress… on a bike no less!

I could spend a LONG time talking about the Greeks… the volume of ODD camo… the multiple four-man link teams, the awesome characters, the flexibility of the army, how order efficient they are… all of that and more. But, instead, I will say, if you like to play an aggressive, elite army of robots and gorgeous minis? Well, then accept no substitute, this box is for you!



Bagh-Mari HMG (resculpt):

Faction(s): Panoceania (Vanilla), Panoceania (Shock Army)
Loadouts on models: HMG only

Highlights: An HMG, MSV1, Mimetism, option as a Lieutenant, linkable as Haris or Core

Notes: CB is updating some older sculpts and, thankfully, the Shock Army of Acontecimento is getting some love now! From the stunning new starter box, to the Tikbalang TAG from a few months back, these guys are getting a serious revamp.

So, to the Bagh-Mari, what to say about these? In vanilla Pano they’re not that great, for around the same points you can run better units which offer better camo, or a better visor, or faster movement… they’re just okay. But in Shock Army (ASA)? That’s a different thing entirely! Bagh-Mari’s can be run as a full, five-unit link team, giving you the option for a B5, BS18 HMG in active phase on a ARM2, MSV1 unit. Who doesn’t want that? The order efficiency of link teams offsets the 4-2 movement of the Medium Infantry profile that Bagh’s have and the ability to build a link with HMG, Hacker and Paramedic can make a strong option.

Of course, if you don’t want to go the whole way, a Haris link of Baghs gives you the MSV and burst buff whilst still being able to run a 5-man link of regulars as well, who wouldn’t want 2 link teams rather than one?!

Overall, in their sectorial, Bagh-Maris are an interesting unit which compliments the other units in the army. If you’re thinking about running ASA, the Bagh-Mari HMG is a must in my book!



Hassassins Áyyār:

Faction(s): Haqq Islam (vanilla), Haqq Islam (Hassassin)
Loadouts on models: 2 Viral pistols, so any!

Highlights: Free agent, specialist, holoprojector L2, 2 wounds, BS13

Notes: One of the new units coming to Infinity which features the Free Agent skill which lets you move the unit between combat groups as needed. Couple that with sneaky tricks with holo 2 skills and being a resident WIP 14 specialist and you have a pretty versatile unit.

As HI, the Áyyār are far from cheap, but the combination of 3 ARM, holo and two wounds is fairly devastating. As with most Hassassins, he’s also religious meaning he’s going to stay in the fight to the bitter end!

The loadouts are interesting, but I think that the rifle, E/Mitter, DEP build interests me the most, the Surprise Shot L2 that this comes with (giving your target a -6 mod to respond) gives you a nasty HI/ TAG hunter. Disguise him as something useless, charge up the board, pop-out and shoot a TAG in the face at -12 to dodge!

Overall, an interesting unit with a lot of utility, I’ll be interested to see what this guy does on the board… but ideally from the next table over!



Danavas Hacker & Karkata Remote:

Faction(s): Aleph (Vanilla)
Loadouts on models:

Highlights: Karkata is the remote for the Marut TAG, Danavas is a light hacker

Notes: First, the easy bit, the Karkata is the remote presence pilot of the Marut TAG for Aleph, he’s a specialist, comes only with a flash pulse and a knife for defence. As a specialist, he’s WIP13, so not great for the mighty AI, but as a bonus to your TAG? Not bad at all!


The Danavas presents an interesting and unique option for vanilla Aleph… an affordable hacker! With WIP 15, AHD or normal HD,  3 BTS this unit gives some really affordable, dedicated hacking possibilities to the Vanila Aleph for cheaper than any other hacker. It also brings some nice upgrades to the table and a Pitcher to extend your hacking bubble without danger. Coming in at 23 or 25 points and only 0.5 SWC, there are many worse options for the points, but few better.


Ariadna Sectorial Caledonian Highlander Army (resculpts):

Faction(s): Ariadna (vanilla), Ariadna (Caledonia)
Loadouts on models: Various

Highlights: Loads of T2 ammo, 125pts basic in the box, major bonus if you like painting tartan!

Notes: It’s been a long time coming, but the Scots are finally getting resculpted and rereleased! Having had some of the most… contentious minis in the game, some will be glad to see this box coming out. For me? These guys are stunning, it’s tempting to start a new faction, just based on the Mormaer!

In the box, you get three Volunteers, two with rifles, one with a medkit, though with WIP 12, you might be better off with Pano Traumadoc if you actually need to heal anyone! But at 8 pts for a rifle or 10 for the paramedic, these guys are some of the cheapest cheerleaders in the game,

Then we get the big guys; the Mormaer with T2 rifle (which causes two wounds for every failed save/ crit), an X-visor to increase effective range, BS13 and ARM5 on a shock immune, dogged unit, for 33 points? Yes please!

Next up is the 3rd Highlander; another T2 rifle, with smoke grenades, two light shotguns, BS13, ARM3, shock immunity all on a unit which can be formed into a five unit fireteam. The only downside is frenzy, but if you run them in a link, this can be ignored if you keep the link running.

And finally, our first wolfman, the Wulver, where to start with this guy? Well, he has a T2 rifle, but I would say that he wants to be a bit closer than that! With CC21, Berserk, Natural Born Warrior, CC21, PH14 and an APCCW, these guys are evil in close combat. They also have fireteam options for core or Haris, making them order efficient to move as a unit. Finally add in Kinematica, 4-4 movement and climbing plus and you have a unit that not only has the means to get up close to you but the capability to really hurt when he gets there!

Overall, this box provides an awesome cornerstone for Caledonian armies with some really unique units, it’s well worth buying if you fancy some Scots on your table top!


Well, there you have it, my thoughts on June’s releases from Corvus Belli, what do you think of the above? Anything I’ve missed or things you disagree with? What are you most looking forward to running in your list? Until next time, may all your dice roll crits!

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